Matt Glass



12 Hour Shift

Feature film | Coming 2020 

It's 1998 and over the course of one 12 Hour Shift at an Arkansas Hospital, A Junkie Nurse (Angela Bettis), Her Scheming Cousin (Chloe Farnworth) and a group of black market Organ-Trading criminals (Mick Foley, David Arquette, Dusty Warren) start a heist that could lead to all of their demise.



Feature film | 2019 

A couple lost in the woods stumbles across a mysterious cult who once harvested a strange, crimson, maple syrup with healing properties. Their intertwining lives lead to a confluence of events all triggered by the heroic act of one soldier in the revolutionary war over 200 years ago. 

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Documentary | KCET | 2018 

Today, as artists continue to engage with California’s environment, they echo and critique earlier art practices that represent nature in “The Golden State” in a particular way. Featuring artists Richard Misrach and Hillary Mushkin.

  • composed atmospheric synth-driven music for the hour long documentary


Short film | 2017 

One town, sixty years without sunlight or rain, a tyrant who controls the only source of water for the people and a mysterious wanderer offering a bright side to it all. 

  • In an odd twist, the main theme for this film was actually what inspired the making of the film.

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Paramount Pictures

Viral Marketing |  2016 - 2017

Composed music for use in the marketing campaigns for the films:

  • Baywatch (2017)

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

  • The Arrival (2016)


Documentary | KCET | 2016 

This emmy-winning documentary explores how the experience of war is transformed into a work of art.

  • composed music for the hour long documentary

  • including a song written for a drumline


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TV-Series | KCET | 2016 - 

Much of L.A.'s past is lost to history – but we can rediscover it in the region's archives. 

  • the opening theme, interstitials & closing credits

  • Composed music for two documentary segments


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Ghosts of the Ozarks

Short Film | 2016 


Shot in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

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I Hate Mondays

Short Film | 2016

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Short Film | FUNSIZEHORROR | 2016

Creating The creatures of Oscars Hotel

WEB-Series | Jim Henson Company | 2015

A six-part documentary series that follows Jim Henson’s Creature Shop as they create creatures for the series Oscar’s Hotel.

  • Created unique music for each episode in a variety of styles.

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"Good Morning"

Short film | EffinFunny | 2015 

"Most mornings start with singing out the window to sunflowers and birds... until it doesn't."

  • Wrote a musical number for the opening moments

  • Scored the film

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Half Cut Tea

WEB-Series | HCT.MEDIA | 2013-2014

Half Cut Tea is a web series dedicated to the understanding and exploration of artists through short documentary videos.

  • Created unique music for each of the series' 20 episodes.


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